PZ Cells


Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column. When you are finished, sketch a picture of a cell on the back of your puzzle and label seven of the organelles listed below.


_____ cell theory 1) cell component that carries on a specific job for the cell
_____ Robert Hooke 2) packages materials such as proteins made by the cell
_____ cell 3) make up the membrane of a cell
_____ organelles 4) control center of the cell where DNA is found
_____ prokaryote 5) where proteins are made in all cells
_____ eukaryote 6) states all living things are made of cells
_____ phospholipids 7) cells with a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles
_____ mitochondria 8) structure around the outside of the cell membrane in plants for support and protection
_____ ribosome 9) made of microfilaments and microtubules in the cytoplasm for supportnucleolus
_____ endoplasmic reticulum 10) smallest part of an organism that can carry on all life processes
_____ golgi 11) powerhouses of a cell where ATP (energy) is generated
_____ lysosome 12) store enzymes and waste products in a cell
_____ cilia 13) digests materials within the cell
_____ nucleus 14) short hairlike structures around the outside of a cell for movement
_____ cell wall 15) system of canals inside a cell
_____ vacuole 16) where photosynthesis occurs
_____ chloroplast 17) first to view cork cells with a simple microscope
_____ cytoskeleton 18) cells lacking a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles