Scientific Equipment

Scientific Equipment

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Compound Light Microscope (LM)-used to enlarge an image

Graduated Cylinder – used to measure the volume of liquids

Microscope Slide – supports an item being examined under the microscope

Cover slip – covers specimen on a slide

Beaker – holds liquids while they are being stirred or heated

Test Tube Brush – used to clean test tubes

Evaporating Dish – used for heating solids

Pinch Clamps – used to control the flow of liquids through tubing

Funnel – assists in transferring liquids to containers with smaller openings

Striker – used to ignite a burner

Test Tubes – holds liquids for observation or testing

Safety goggles – protects the eyes from damaging substances

Pipet pump – dispenses known volumes of liquids

Eyedropper – used to transfer small amounts of liquids

Forceps – used to hold or lift specimens

Magnifying glass – enlarges the image of an object

Crucible – containers used for "strong" heating

Test Tube Rack – holds test tubes during observation or testing

Wash Bottle – used for rinsing solids out of a container

Pipet – used for exact measurements of liquids

Spatula – chemical spoons used to transfer solids from their original container to a scale for weighing

Wire Gauze – adds additional support for containers held on tripods or O-rings

Crucible Tongs – used for picking up crucibles & crucible covers only

Mortar & Pestle – used to grind solids into powders

Florence Flask – used to store liquids

Erlenmeyer Flask -used to store solutions

Dissecting Pan – holds specimen being dissected

test tube holder

Test Tube Holder – holds test tubes while heating

an electronic balance

Electronic Balance – used for weighing substances  a proper lab burner flame Bunsen Burner – heat source
Thermometer – used to measure temperature Stopper – used to cap flasks containing liquids
Scalpel – used for cutting specimens being dissected Tubing – hose used for connecting glassware
Petri Dish – plate used to culture microorganisms a triple-beam balance Triple Beam Balance – used for weighing substances
O-Ring – used with ring stands to support heated vessels Volumetric Flask – used to mix precise volumes of liquids
Watch Glass – used on top of beakers when heating Desiccators – used to remove moisture from substances