pz bacterai


Across 4. bacteria that require oxygen 6. stain used to dye bacteria so they can be classified 10. example of a photsynthetic, cyanobacterium that causes eutrophication 12. number of chromosomes in bacteria 14. rod shaped bacteria 19. bacteria living in very salty environments 20. corkscrew shaped bacteria that may cause disease such as syphillis 22. example of an enteric bacteria living in the human intestines 27. bacteria that live in very hot, acid environments such as hot springs 28. bacteria that gram stain purple 30. live in swamps and in sewage and produce methane gas 31. long whip-like tails for movement in some bacteria 32. term used to refer to most bacteria 34. prefix used when bacteria grow in chains 36. process where two bacteria join and exchange genetic material 38. found in the cell walls of archaebacteria Down 1. dormant stage of gram negative bacteria to help them survive harsh environments 2. bacteria that can carry on photosynthesis 3. bacteria that do not need oxygen 5. organisms without a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles 7. kingdom containing more ancient bacteria 8. short hairs on the cell wall of some bacteria for attachment 9. bacteria that feed on dead and decaying material 11. spherical shaped bacteria 13. kingdom containing most bacteria 15. sticky sugars on the capsule of some bacteria for attachment 16. process where a single bacterium divides to make two identical bacteria 17. type of environment in which archaebacteria live 18. bacteria found in soil that produce antibiotics 21. poisons made by some bacteria 23. outer covering of polysaccharides that protects some bacteria & helps them attach 24. bacteria that live in the intestines of some animals to aid digestion 25. protein-carbohydrate in the cell walls of eubacteria 26. used to classify bacteria 29. bacterial produced substances that stop the growth of other microorganisms 33. showed evidence that bacteria have existed for 3.5 billion years 35. prefix used when bacteria grow in grapelike clusters 37. bacteria that gram stain red to pink 39. example of a nitrogen fixing bacteria that lives on the roots of plants 40. corkscrew shaped bacteria