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Main Characteristics of mammals:

Mammal Heart

Mammal Ancestors:

Lycaenops: drawing by Steve Kirk - Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals, ed.. Barry Cox

Early Mammals:

sunset on kangaroo island
Echidna Platypus
 title illustration 
Tasmanian Devil Armadillo
Marsupial Placental

Section 1 Review

Specializations of the mouth & digestive system:

Adaptations for Endothermy:

Nervous System Adaptations:

Reproductive Adaptations:

photograph of kangaroo and her joey
Mother Kangaroo & "Joey"

Section 2 Review

Order Monotremata:

 title illustration   title illustration 
Echidna Platypus

Order Marsupialia:

Koala and joey. Photograph  Mick Stevic.

Koala & baby Opossum

Placental Mammals :

Order Insectivora:

Mole Shrew

Order Rodentia:

Seh - Porcupine - Photograph
Chipmunk Porcupine

Order Lagomorpha:

Mountain Beaver A wild hare
Pika Hare

Order Edentata:

picture of a cute armadillo photo of  baby sloth
Armadillo Sloth

Order Chiroptera:

Order Cetacea:

Narwhal Beluga Orca 
Blue Whale Humpbacked Whale

Order Sirenia:

Manatee photograph by Greg Geffner
Manatees Dugongs

Order Carnivora:

raccoon photograph Hyena Cub, Ngorongoro Crater
Raccoons Hyena

Order Pinnipedia:

Order Artiodactyla:

Order Perissodactyla:

Malaysian Tapir (<I>Tapirus indicus</I>), Sumatra, Indonesia
Caribou (even-toed) Tapir (odd-toed)

Order Proboscidea:

African Elephant Picture asian elephant
African Elephant Asian Elephant

Order Primates:

Ring Tailed Lemur Photograph Gorilla Photograph
Lemur Gorilla

Section 3 Review