insect study guide

Insect Study Guide

  1. How many wings and legs do most insects have?
  2. How many body regions do most insects have?
  3. To which body region are a) most sensory organs attached?  b) wings attached?  c) legs attached?
  4. Most insects are ______ in size compared to other animals.
  5. The insect has what type of skeleton?
  6. Where is the skeleton found?
  7. What makes up the skeleton?
  8. Give one problem insects cause.
  9. How do insects help farmers & gardeners?
  10. What is the largest group of animals on Earth?
  11. Sketch a grasshopper & label the antenna, mandibles, abdomen, & thorax.
  12. What sensory structures are located on a grasshopper’s head?
  13. Insect jaws are called ________.
  14. The _______ of an insect is segmented.
  15. Legs and wings are attached to the _________.
  16. Name the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.
  17. Does a butterfly go through complete or incomplete metamorphosis?
  18. What is a caterpillar?
  19. What is a pupa?
  20. What structures are found on an adult butterfly that aren’t on the immature caterpillar?
  21. Know what order each of these insects belongs in — bees, beetles, fleas, termites, dragonfly, butterfly, silverfish, and housefly.
  22. Name the 2 reproductive members of a honeybee hive.
  23. Name the stages in incomplete metamorphosis.
  24. Name an insect that goes through complete metamorphosis.