Insect Orders

Insect Orders

    Entomologists vary in their naming of insect orders. The following list of orders comes from a college entomology textbook. The additional orders that you add to your collection must come from this approved list of insect orders. If your order is not on this list, you may not use it unless you ask and get prior written approval from the teacher.


bristletails & silverfish
Ephemeroptera mayflies
Odonata dragonflies & damselflies

grasshoppers, crickets, praying mantids, walking sticks

Dermaptera earwigs
Isoptera  termites 
Homoptera aphids, leaf hoppers, plant hoppers, cicadas


Hemiptera true bugs including stink bugs & squash bugs
Coleoptera beetles
Neuroptera lacewings, dobson flies, ant lions
Lepidoptera butterflies & moths
Hymenoptera bees, ants, wasps
Diptera flies & mosquitoes
Trichoptera caddisflies
Siphonaptera fleas
Mecoptera scorpion flies
Anoplura  sucking lice
Mallophaga chewing lice
Collembola spring tails
Plecoptera  stoneflies
Thysanoptera thrips
Embioptera web spinners
Protura  telsontails
Psocoptera bark lice


Strepsiptera twisted wing insects
Zoraptera zorapterans