evolution qz

  1. In biological terms, what is a species? a group of organisms that are similar in form and structure
    a group of organisms that can interbreed
    a group of organisms that share common features
    a group of organisms that have live in the same habitat
  2. What is the Scala Naturae? an idea proposed by Darwin that suggests that all organisms share a common ancestor
    an idea proposed by Plato that suggests organisms are all evolving toward an ideal form
    an idea proposed by Aristotle that suggests that all organisms fit into an orderly scheme
    an idea proposed by Wallace that suggests that organisms change over time
  3. Creationism is not accepted as a valid scientific theory because: it violates the scientific principle of natural causality
    it doesn’t offer a model to explain the diversity of life on earth
    it cannot be disproven
    all of these
  4. birds

  5. The picture of the finches is used to illustrate: phylogeny of finches
    change over time
    specialization of beaks for different diets
    natural selection
  6. Which of the following was not an observation made by Darwin on his voyages: penguins use wings to paddle instead of fly
    snakes have rudimentary hind limbs
    the earth is very old
    islands had species that did not exist on the mainland
  7. bones

  8. The image illustrates: vestigial structures
    homologous structures
    the fossil record
    natural selection
  9. Which of the following is an example of artificial selection: a panda’s thumb
    the breeding of dogs
    the galapagos finches
    a giraffe’s neck
  10. According to the theory of evolution by natural selection, which of the following is true: random mating is necessary for evolution to occur
    variation does not exist between members of the same species
    populations will change to better fit their environment
    individuals will adapt to their environment
  11. Which of the following are assumptions made with regards to the Theory of Evolution by Natural selection organisms compete with each other to survive
    variations exist among organisms
    not all organisms that are born survive to reproduce
    all of these
  12. whale

  13. The image illustrates which of the following: artificial selection
    acquired characteristics
    homologous structures
    vestigial structures
  14. A panda’s thumb is considered an evolutionary contrivance because: it is assembled from wrist bones, and imperfect
    it is perfectly structured to grab leaves
    it is an structure that has no use
    none of these
  15. Which of the following outcomes would you predict for a population of bacteria exposed to a new antibiotic. over many generations, the bacteria would become resistant to the antibiotic
    over a few generations, the bacteria would evolve into Archaebacteria
    over a few generations, the bacteria would become extinct
    over many generations, the bacteria would become more susceptible to the antibiotic
  16. Which of the following is an example of convergent evolution: whales and sharks have similar body designs
    bees and hummingbirds have similar body designs
    bats and birds have similar body designs
    all of these
  17. Why is evolution called the “unifying theory of biology” because it explains the diversity of life on the planet
    because it serves as a model to predict how organisms will change
    it serves as a model to interpret relationships between organisms on the planet
    all of these
  18. moths

  19. The image illustrates how peppered moths are related to other moths
    how peppered moths adapted to a changing environment
    how peppered moths became extinct
    how peppered moths became two species

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