ap biology review ntb

AP Biology Review Notebook

Set up a spiral notebook for your end of course AP Biology review using the following guidelines:

  • Write your name, year, and course on the front of your notebook
  • Tab the first page of EACH unit with the number of that unit
  • On the tabbed sheets in your notebook, write TITLE of the unit
  • Starting on the next sheet of paper, write the SECTION NUMBER and its TITLE then SKIP A LINE
  • On the next line, start numbering & answering each  point from your review sheet. (NUMBER THE TERMS 1 – THE LAST TERM)
  • Write the TERMS from the review sheet in INK; write your RESPONSES in PENCIL!!
  • More than one section can be on the same sheet of paper, but they should be separated by TWO LINES
  • Do NOT write on the back of your notebook sheets.
Due dates for each unit: 

  • Unit 1     September 9
  • Unit 2     October 14
  • Unit 3     November 12
  • Unit 4     December 9
  • Unit 5     January 13
  • Unit 6     February 4
  • Unit 7A    February 24
  • Unit 7B    March 8     
  • Unit 8     April 16   

Each reviewed unit counts 100 points for a total of 900 points.