Semester I Calendar 2001

AP Calendar 2006


week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
see you in late August!!


week 1

Aug 24-26

  • intro to AP Bio
  • summer assignments   
  • bonding
  • buffers, acids and bases
  • element cycles
  • homeostasis
  • chemical basis of life: carbon, water and life
  • elements for life


ch 1, 50-55-due Aug. 24-your first day back!!**check study guide (SG) and question set (QS)

powers of ten see the size of everything!

ch 2



handouts/AP website


scientific method -The Biology Project

size and biology -The Biology Project




dissociation of water

acid-base explained

water movement click on animations

water movement ions, simulations of pH solutions




week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 2

Aug 29-Sept 2

  • biomolecules
    • organic compounds
    • carbohydrates, fats, proteins and nucleic acids
ch 3


BBC guru condensation and structure of molecules


central dogma animation

molecules -animated (rotate)

dehydration synthesis -animation

the biological basis of life for condensation

week 3

Sept 6-9

Sept 5 off-Labor Day


  • metabolism
  •  enzyme kinetics t
  • test over ch 2, 3, and 6 on Friday…be ready!!



ch 6 interactives catalysis, enzyme inhibition

BBC guru this is the enzyme site we used in class


week 4

CAMP KERN (but you are responsible for everything!!)

Sept 12-16

  • ecology and geography
  • human ecology
  • population ecology 


population clock population estimation

climate graphs/biomes

dissolved O2 lab 



Nova-The World in Balance  Human Numbers/Time               The Earth in  Peril      Be a Demographer         Population Trend quiz

nitrogen cycle -animation


week 5

Sept 19-23


  • community ecology
  • ecosystems and the biosphere






interesting ecology simulations, including:     biomass succession

biomass succession 2



week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 6

Sept 26- 30




  • early evolution of life


ch 20

burgess shale -resources

early life  -Burgess Shale

geologic time scale

the Origins Game

Aliens in the Milky Way?

week 7

Oct 3-7

  • prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • viruses and bacteria






ch 4 


ch 7 



Military Medicine through Time

microbe clock

microscopy  -CellsAlive

eukaryotic vs pro, quizzes on plant and animal cell

show big is? (cell biology) -CellsAlive

microbe world


binary fission movie

lysogenic cycle -animation

micro sites

week 8

Oct 10-14

Oct 11 off

-teacher inservice

  • plant vs animal cells
  • subcellular organization
ch 4

these are the links that we used in class-

virtual cell -virtual cell textbook

cell comparison -check yourself

flagella and cilia movement

the cell -ThinkQuest





inside the cell -NIH/NIGMS

cell parts link of the month

drop/drag organelles

plant and animal cells -structure and function

endoplasmic reticulum

problem sets and tutuorials -The Biology Project, includes: studying cells tutorial  and cytoskeleton  among others-best site

cell similarity -GeoCities-fun stuff

click on animations -HHMI

week 9

Oct 17-21

Oct 22-end of Q1


  • biological membranes


  • transport across membranes



ch 5

membrane structure  -simple

pathways in and out of the cell 

antibiotic resistance

BBC guru

drop/drag membrane ZeroBio

membrane structure power point tutorial-advanced

cell signaling Access Excellence

osmosis tutorial Cornell BioG101-104

osmosis simulation Colorado

osmosis simulation2  UMV

osmosis animation Oklahoma State

osmotic pressure sanger

reverse osmosis gearfiltration

ion channels (cell biology, myocyte) CellsAlive

membrane animation HHMI

cell transport animation

Na/K pump Brookscole

membrane tutorial The Biology Project

week 10

Oct 24-28



  • test over eukaryotic cells and transport
    • aerobic respiration

ch 7



not active….

cell respiration -tutorial

overview  -respiration

electron transport chain and ATP synthesis -movies

glycolysis and fermentation -excellent molecular animations

glucose catabolism U. Alberta-overview

intro to metabolism animation

metabolic process location animation

citric acid cycle animation

oxydative phosphorylation electron transport chain animation

cellular respiration -Kimball’s pages

cellular respiration -showing molecular models

glycolysis explained in animations

oxydative phosphorylation explained inanimations


week topics text chapters/ activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 11

Oct 31-Nov 4




  • photosynthesis
  • test over respiration and photosynthesis




ch 8




photosynthesis light rxn -The Biology Project

photosynthesis carbo formation -The Biology Project

photosynthesis sites -Arizona State University


photosynthesis animation

oxygenic photosynthesis animation U. Alberta

photosynthesis -Maricopa bio181


week 12

Nov 7-11

  • The cell cycle


  • chromosomes


  • mitosis, meiosis/ gametogenesis, cell cycle



ch 9

Online Onion Tips  -The biology Project

more animations -BSC Courseware

BBC guru

cell cycle  -The Biology Project

cell cycle animation, myocyctes, cytoskeleton, apoptosis (cell biology, cell models, cell gallery)  -CellsAlive

human genome size

mitosis review -Nebraska Wesleyan

interactive mitosis (cell biology)-CellsAlive

mitosis -The Biology Project

modeling mitosis -Cornell BioG101-104  click either random or assignment……

mitosis/meiosis animations -About: homework help

mitosis and meiosis tutorial -Cornell BioG101-104

meiosis vs mitosis -WGBH (PBS)

cancer growth -WGBH (PBS)

metastasis -animation

week 13

Nov 14-18


  • principles of heredity
  • inheritance patterns



ch 10, 15

Dogs Around the World

mendelian genetics  -The Biology Project

human karyotyping  -The Biology Project

genetics -University of Utah

harlequin chromosomes -J. Kimball

drop/drag genetic cross ZeroBio

week 14

Nov 21-22


  • RNA and DNA structure and function




Nov 23-25 off Thanksgiving!


ch 11




BBC guru


Central Dogma animation

Anatomy of photo 51

DNA movies*

nucleic acids  -The Biology Project

Hershey/Chase -AccessExcellence

DNA basics -The Biology Project

DNA animations*

DNA replication animation

Cracking the code   (PBS)

DNA structure -subunit animation




week topics text chapters/ activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 15


 Nov 28-Dec 2





  • RNA and DNA structure  and function
  • mutations

ch  12
DNA structure/function

transformation movie

translation animation ZeroBio

protein synthesis animation

Beginner’s Guide to Molecular Biology -Molecular Biology Notebook

DNA from the Beginning -DNA from the Beginning


week 16

Dec 5-9


  • gene regulation
  • molecular genetics
  • genes and development







ch 13, 16


gene regulation -Indiana State University

RNA splicing -movie

cloning animation

developement  -The Biology Project

gene expression  -The Biology Project

gene expression in prokaryotes  -The Biology Project

signal transduction animation

week 17

Dec 12-16


  • DNA technology
ch 14

build a family tree


Sequence for Yourself      Create a DNA fingerprint

Blackett family  -The Biology Project

DNA profiling  -The Biology Project

Western Blot  -The Biology Project

recombinant DNA  -The Biology Project

PCR animation

human genome project -National Human Genome Research Institute

bacterial genetics/recombinant DNA tutorial -Cornell BioG101-104

forensics  -The Biology Project

genetic engineering



Dec 21

Winter Vacation starts at end of day


ch 17 are yours for the break–Happy Holidays!! (you would be bored without this work….

End of First semester



week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 18

Jan 3-7



  • Darwinian evolution
  • evolutionary changes in populations


ch 1718



The Shape of Life

dating techniques -Geology Labs on-line

Darwin’s life and works -Cal. State University, Dr. C. Urbanowicz

population drift -simulation

genetic drift -simulation

week 19

Jan 10-14

Jan 14-end of Sem I


semester I final exam week




AP sample exam




Semester II calendar 2005

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week topics text chapters/ activities              supplemental readings/URLs
week 20

Jan 18-21

Jan 17 off-MLK Day

  • speciation and macroevolution
  • evolution of primates




ch 19, 21

museum of palenentology -University of California, Berkeley

tree of life -Arizona State University

the talk -human origins

human evolution demo -WGBH (PBS)

human evolution -Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District

The Shape of Life -KCET (PBS)

Classifying life 



week 21

Jan 24-28


  • test on evolution
  • classification schemes
  • phylogeny

  • protista

ch 22


ch 24

protist video clips

protist tutorial

slime molds

more slime mold -reproduction



week topics text chapters/ activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 22

Jan 31-Feb 4

  • fungi

ch 25

all about fungi

characteristics -fungi

fungus powerpoint

fungal diseases -pictures

types of fungi


week 23

Feb 7-11

  • non-vascular plants
  • vascular plants
  • monocots vs dicots
  • plant tissues
ch 26, 27, 31 plant life cycle animation

pest plants invasives

unusual plants from Wayne’s World



week 24

Feb 14-18

  • roots, stems and leaves

Secret to Living Long


ch 32, 33, 34


leaf section

guard cell regulation -animation

sugar transport -animation

week 25

Feb 22-25


Feb 21 off-President’s Day 

  • plant reproduction


 ch 35  




week topics text chapters/ activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 26

Feb 28-Mar 4

  • chemical regulation 
  • tropisms
ch 36 plants in motion -films
week 27

Mar 7-11

  • animal diversity
  • invertebrate animals
  • sponges and cnidaria
  • triploblastic animals
  • flat worms and round worms


ch 28 obelia life cycle also sponge water flow -animation

feeding in eulamellabranch (clam)


week 28

Mar 14-19

  • coelomates
  • worms, mollusks, arthropods and echinoderms


ch 30


Inside a tubeworn

urchin feeding -also sea squirt feeding -animation
week 29

Mar 21-24

end of Q3

  • animal tissues
  • protection, support and movement: skin skeleton and muscle


ch 37, 38 visiblehumanvideos/visiblehumanvideos.htmlvisible man, various options

Adam animations

interactives -muscle, skeleton, organ



week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 30

Apr 4-8



  • internal transport: circulation and lymphatics


  • internal defense


ch 43, 43
understand the immune system

“The Last Days of the Wonder Drugs” -Discover

Discover articles 

phagocytosis animation

fighting back -Nova Hot Science

TB infection animation

epidemic simulation -HHMI

click on animations -HHMI

immunology -Freeman co.


week 31

Apr 11-15


  • gas exchange


  • food processing and nutrition


ch 44, 45 comparative digestive systems -animation
week 32

Apr 18-22


  • excretory system


  • endocrine system
ch 46, 47

morphing embryo

kidney function -movie
week 33

Apr 25-29

neural signaling and regulation, sensory reception
ch 39, 40, 41

Probe the Brain

sense challenge also physcological tests

brain map



week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 34

May 2-6

review week all/sample tests and free response questions get some rest!!!
week 35

May 8-12

AP Biology exam Monday May 8/AM

  • start exit project
week 36

May 15-19


  • work on exit project
week 37

May 22-26



  • present exit project





week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs
week 38


May 30-June 2

final exams  


graduation June 4





semester 1

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