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Tips on Doing Well in Biology

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The most common problem new students have is that their study skills are not adequate for high school level classes. Studying for classes involves more than just "cramming the night before a test."  The following are suggestions to improve your grade in biology and other high school courses.

  1. Prepare for class before coming by reading over your notes soon after you have written them and also read over the sections of your text that will be covered in that day’s lecture.
  2. Make and use a vocabulary list as you go.
  3. Do all worksheets, study questions, etc.
  4. Keep your handouts, lecture notes, and study questions organized in a notebook.
  5. Always read assigned material and make sure you outline all the main ideas and not just a single item in a section.
  6. Pay attention and don’t daydream in class.
  7. Study frequently and in small doses. Cramming does not foster long term understanding that will stick with you!
  8. Set up a study group and study with friends.
  9. Understand figures and diagrams from lecture and from your text.
  10. If you are having trouble with the material, get help early.  Do not wait until TEST DAY!!!